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Hi, it's Wear Arie

I am Arriane, and I am the owner and founder of Wear Arie.

Driven by my desire to give back to my roots and my passion on Art, I gave birth to the brand to cater the beauty and value of my countrymen’s craftsmanship to the world. It has also become my goal to make sure to tap as much smaller communities as possible to help them generate income to sustain their daily needs since the pandemic started.

Being born from a poor family, I understand the plights of the minorities and their desire to have a better life which inspires me to work harder on the brand and expand it further to a wider audience.

To set my brand apart from others, I make sure to always value uniqueness on the bags. I make sure that the artistic side  of me is reflected with my designs whilst making sure the practical use of each one of them. 

I am a work in progress, so as the brand itself. It aims to continue to evolve as I go along with a mission at heart of giving back.

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